Something Good.

I am something good. You are something good. (I assume that because you are reading this post). There is still a lot of good in the world and we are part of that good.

But the something good that I want to talk about is what somebody else did. Recently, TV station WDIV, Channel 4 in Detroit aired a special titled “Something Good”. It featured people who are doing something good in the community and it was an inspiration to see all the helpful, thoughtful generous people in our city who are making the world a better place. It was hosted by reporters Kimberly Gill and Jason Colthorp. We need to be reminded that admid all the anxiety, fear and chaos going on that there are still good people who are helping.

WDIV also presented another special titled “Spirit of Detroit” in which they again featured special people making contributions to society and front line heroes. I can’t mention everyone that they featured, but I was greatly impressed by all, including policemen comforting small children and bringing them snacks and drinks. The policemen told the children that they were the “good guys” who would protect them. The children lost their fear of police and enjoyed their goodies.

They also featured a group nuns who feed the hungry with their own funds. One of the reporters, Paula Tutman, showed us her garden with beautiful produce that she gives to food pantries. She reported that many others are doing the same thing.

They featured the Detroit Youth Choir singing their version of the song “Glory” which was filmed at various locations around the city of Detroit. The actual recording of the song was done at MT. Vernon Missionary Baptist Church in Ferndale. I happen to be a deacon at that church, so I am proud of our small contribution. We, in the city of Detroit are so proud of the Detroit Youth Choir and all they are accomplishing at such a young age. Thanks for your encouragement and support of these young people.

This show was hosted by Devon Scillian, Kimberly Gill, Sandra Ali, Priya Mann, Paula Tutman and Steve Garagiola. These newscasters are some of the best in the nation and are doing all they can to uplift and inspire us, along with all the grim news that they have to report. They remind me of the scripture Jeremiah 31:25, “For I will satisfy the weary soul and every languishing soul, I will replenish”. They are trying to do their part for us.

I love the people at Channel 4, but it was the reporters at Channel 2 who did stories on me when my book, “Inspired By Autism” was published in 2010. Dina Centafanti, the Health Works reporter filmed Pervis Jr and me during April which is Autism Month and did a great report which I am still proud of. When my husband, Pervis Jackson, who was the bass singer of the Spinners, passed away in 2008, I was interviewed by Al Allen. Mr. Allen was very kind in his questions of me at a very difficult time for me. I am thankful for our reporters who not only inform us , but try to inspire us, too.

Thanks for being “Something Good” and try to replenish your languishing soul.

Claudreen Jackson

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