Why Biden and Harris??

Because Biden and Harris know and respect the Constitution and the rule of law. Because Biden and Harris have the right intentions. Because Biden and Harris actually follow the advice of scientists, doctors and other experts. Because they care about all of us in the country, not just the top 10%. Because they both have track records of patriotism and accomplishment that can be confirmed. Because they are not new to service for the country and are sincere about loving the country.

Our country is going backwards and downhill faster than I ever would have predicted under our current person in charge. Our mob boss, “let’s pretend I’m a President person” lies, breaks laws and makes every situation worse. He creates disasters and has his fixers and minions that come behind him to clean up the damage. They are the epitome of “dirty tricks and lawlessness.

Have you heard of the “chaos theory”? It is a mathematical definition about how systems of behavior affect each other. Disorder and confusion create complex systems that randomly affect each other. Systems are sensitive to slight changes and small alterations that can cause great irregularity and more chaos. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Aren’t we living in the “chaos theory” now? (I can’t take credit for this statement because I got the info from listening to one of our experts on TV)

I have been writing for years and have always steered clear of politics. I know, that you know, why I broke my own rule this time. I am an elderly widow who is black. I am the parent of a son handicapped by autism who is also black. Can you see why I am worried by our current administration? They have lived up to every fear that I have ever had. I can not be the parent of a son who cannot speak and refuse to speak myself. His father was an entertainer who was also a humanitarian who pushed me to speak out.

I know that you might disagree with me. That’s all right. Thank God that I live in America where I still have freedom of speech. (so far) You have the right to disagree. We can disagree without being disagreeable. Or can we? I remember when we could.

I am 81 years old and have never been as scared for as long as I have under the current administration. I know that I’m not alone. That’s what gives me the courage to state my case. (Which we all have the right to do, because we live in America, and America has Freedom of Speech) so far.

May the Power of God protect you. May the love of God enfold you.

Claudreen Jackson

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