A Place For A Gold Record

I have mentioned before that Pervis Sr was a member of the Spinners, an award winning vocal group. They began their career with Motown Records, but most of their hits were with Atlantic Records. Although Pervis Sr was a man of many accomplishments, Pervis Jr (PJ) is unaware of any of them.

PJ is unaware of fortune or fame. Does he even know who his father was? Does he care about gold records or awards?

He does not. He is unimpressed by his father’s accomplishments.  Pervis Sr and I would look for any glimmer of awareness in PJ, but there was none.

I, on the other hand am very proud of all that my husband accomplished. His gold records  and awards are still on the wall in  our family room. I am reluctant to part with any of them, but I did recently.

I donated a gold record, a Grammy nomination award, a poster, a picture of the Spinners on a corn flakes box and a set of well-used drum sticks to the Detroit Historical Museum. The Museum just re-opened after six months of renovation with new or enhanced  exhibits.

One of the new exhibits is the Kid Rock Music Lab. Kid Rock is a great Detroit booster who donated a large amount of money to the museum to fund an exhibit about the history of music in Detroit. That is where you can find Pervis Sr’s gold record along with donations by other Detroit artists.   I can’t think of a better place for it to be. Pervis would be very proud.

His gold record  and Grammy nomination award are in a display on the wall to your left as you walk in. There is a large screen showing videos of various concerts. There are two pianos below the screen. I know that he would love to be remembered in such a way in such a place. Thank you Detroit Historical Museum and Kid Rock.

Pervis passed away on 8/18/08. His death happened so fast and so unexpectedly that I am still recovering from losing him. Things like this make it easier. I am not sure how much PJ understands. We took him to the funeral home to view the body and to say good-bye to his father. He kept touching him, so he realized that something was different, but I don’t know how much of the finality of  death that he understood.

The Spinners had a song titled “How Could I let You Get Away?” That is exactly how I feel. Death of a loved one lets you know just how little control we have over saving someone and just how powerless we can be.

Pervis and I had an on-again, off-again marriage, but through it all, he was always there to encourage and support me with PJ, which is how we finally ended up getting back together for good. Pervis also pushed me to write a book about our experiences raising a son who is handicapped by autism. I would say that I can’t write a book because our story was not a success story. Pervis always said, “It’s an autism story, write it.” I am glad that I did because it gave me a purpose  and a focus after his death.

He didn’t live to see the final product of all his pushing, but he would be very proud of “Inspired By Autism”.  He would be very proud of the PJ Foundation which he also pushed for. He would be very proud to know that he is in the Dertoit Historical Museum.

The Kid Rock Music Lab is not the only exhibit. If you do go to the Detroit Historical Museum, there are many other exhibits worth seeing. One of my favorites is The Streets Of Old Detroit. Another favorite is the Underground Railroad exhibit which I like better than any other Underground Railroad exhibit that I have seen elsewhere.

Pervis Sr is gone physically, but he is still a large part of my life. I am sure that he is smiling down on all that has been going on since he left us. I had no courage. Pervis was the one with all the courage. He pushed, mentored and encouraged me, so I am carrying on in his name.

Until next time: May the Love of God enfold you; May the Power of God protect you.

Claudreen Jackson

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