Positive Energy

How would it be if we could see Positive Energy?  The energy that is the key to set us free  and keep us young and well and strong ? and help us bloom our whole life long.

Would it be bright like a light to help us make it through the night? Would it make sunshine in our soul? and keep us warm and help us grow?

Would it sparkle and shine like silver and gold? Would it reveal a lie we’ve been told? Would it help us not to guess if we should say no or yes? Could we always do our best?

Would it lift us up above the fray? Give us the strength to find our way? Would it soothe our Spirit and dry our tears, and help us keep away our fears?

I know you may be tired of me speaking of this energy. But wouldn’t it be nice to see?

This is one of my original poems.  I know that I have written about Positive Energy before, but with hearing so much bad news daily, I thought I should repeat it. I want to do my bit to add a little Positive Energy to the World.  (Lord knows the negative energy people are busy). I hope those of us who believe in the power of Positive Energy will share it and not let the negative energy people drag us down. When I was saturated in negative energy, I felt like I was drowning, and I was.

I didn’t come up with the Positive Energy idea by myself. One of my heroes, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale wrote the book, “The Power of Positive Thinking”, which had a great impact on me. He was the founder of the Guideposts and Daily Word booklets. His booklet, “Thought Conditioners” helped me to shift my thinking to be a Positive Energy person. Dr Peale has been one of my mentors and heroes. I even had an article published in one of his booklets.  My article about coming to terms with autism, titled,”The Realization” was published in Plus Magazine. It was a great honor for me.

I used to read a phenomenal little newspaper called “PhenoneNews. One of the writers shared a quote that stuck with me. “Darkness is capable of anything. I will not contribute to this horrifying twilight. Though the terrors of the night be all around me, still will I celebrate the Light and glorify the dawn”.  by Rishikavi Raghudas.  This has become one of my Guiding Principles. We see what happens  when too many negative thinkers get together.  One of the things that having a child with autism has opened my eyes to is how many Positive, helpful people there are and I have learned a lot from them.

In the same newspaper Susan  Fine says, “All major religions believe that each hunan being contains a light inside which is pure and beautiful, but sometimes this light is covered, hidden by so much dirt.” Miss Fine states that we can work on removing the dirt by making a clean place inside our minds and finding the light inside our hearts. This  message had a great impact on me when I was teaching.

We had a song that we sang often in my class. “This Little Light of mine, I’m going to let it shine.” My students loved singing and this was a good message for them. I reminded them that they all had a light that they should let shine. When one of them would be sad or upset, I would ask. “Who  put your light out?” They always knew. I would tell them to not  to let that person drag them down.  

We hear bad news every day, but we still have to have hope. “For we are saved by hope; but hope seen is not hope, for what a man (or woman) seeth , why does he yet hope for? But if we hope for that we see not, then we do with patience wait for it.” Romans 8:24, 25 

Until next time; May the Power of God protect you; May the Love of God enfold you.

Claudreen Jackson

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