Election Aftermath

This is not about autism, but sometimes I have to focus on something other than autism. This time it’s the election.

We all really need a spoonful of comfort right about now. I called this blog by that name because a spoonful is the smallest amount of anything that we can give anyone. We can all give a spoonful of comfort to someone including ourselves.

I was stunned by the election results, and at this age, it is hard to stun me. At 77, I have seen and voted in many elections. The first one I can remember being interested in was when Truman was elected. I have been disappointed by election results before, but this is the first time I have been scared for myself and for my son. I understand the protests. The election results have struck fear into the hearts of many, including me.

I have to remember the words of one of my heroes, Norman Vincent Peale. “The only thing stronger than fear is faith. When you have fear, counter it with an affirmation of faith”. No matter what we face in life, we can choose how we respond to it. I choose to respond with faith. Faith in our Democracy and our political checks and balances. Trump has surprised and stunned us every step of the way. Let us hope that he surprises us again by being a better president than we expect.

Do I have faith in our President-Elect? I am trying to keep an open mind, which, at this point is all that I can do. President Obama has asked us to keep an open mind and give President-elect Trump a chance. I know that is difficult for some of us, because half the country is scared and disappointed and are voicing their disappointment. Now is the time when some of us are angry and depressed to remember Karma. Karma means that what you put out into the Universe is what you get back from the Universe.

I saw a pastor on TV asking the question, “Could it be  that the bigger our trials and tribulations, the more it pulls out of us, the more we have to grow?” Those of us who are parents of a child with handicaps already know this. We have been forced to grow. I remember when PJ was born in 1975, I was 35 years old. I thought I was “grown”.  I have grown so much more since he came into my life. I am thankful for my growth. Let us hope that this is a time of growth for our country and for our President-elect.

I am so proud of President Obama. He has conducted himself with dignity and intelligence through his whole presidency and is holding on to that dignity and intelligence through this transition period. He said that he will help Trump every step of the way. That if Trump succeeds, our country succeeds. Trump said that he will seek counsel from Obama as he makes the transition. We will see.

President Obama reminded us that he is still the president, that our country only has one president at a time. He is trying to reassure us that there is only so much that the president can accomplish because our Democracy has built in checks and balances. Now, he is on an overseas trip and has to reassure our allies. I was on a cruise in June and met people from around the world, who talked to me about Trump. Every conversation was surprise and fear of what would happen if he got elected. I was asked.’How did he get so far?” My answer was that I don’t know. I still don’t know. Nor do our journalists and commentators, who are presenting theories about how the election was won by Trump.

President Obama reminds us that the office is bigger than the man. He advised the Democrats that they have work to do. He said that they have to start at the grassroots level and work hard to see that our core values are not lost. I think that is the reason for the fear. We feel that our core values are threatened. I really hope not, because I am a double minority and my son is a triple minority. His category would be one of the casualties if we don’t retain our core values.

One of my spoonfuls of comfort is the scriptures. I choose to remember  Romans 24 and 25.  “For we are saved by hope. But hope seen is not hope, for what a man or woman seeth is not hope. But if we hope for that we seeth not, then we do with patience wait for it”.

Until next time, May the Love of God enfold you: May the Power of God protect you.

Claudreen Jackson 

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