They did not see his “liciousness” / They did not see his mind / His character and integrity / How could they be so blind?

Obama got  Osama / But did he get credit? NO / Nor for the auto bailout / How could they stoop so low?

They tried to take away “Obamacare” / They tried and tried again / And tried and tried and tried  and tried / It really is a sin / It’s a sin and it’s a shame. / How can we trust these men?

Trying hard to not despair / Cause now we know that they don’t care./ Do we have the “Audacity Of Hope”? / It’s the only way that we can cope.

We see the writing on the wall / (Not the wall that will be built). Is America still the land for all? 

When he leaves the Oval Office / There is much that he will do./ Though he will not be President/  Obama will not be through. / I am sure that he has something planned / Because he’s just that kind of man. 

 I tried to not write about Obama, because this blog is not about politics, but since politics has the capacity to control our life, I had to have my say. Thank God that I live in America where I have that right. I have Freedom of Speech. I use that freedom because I have a son who cannot talk, so he reminds me just how important speech is. He can not say what is on his mind.

“They looked at me and they knew me not”.  

I can’t remember where this quote came from, but it describes Obama’s plight.  I have never seen a President so disrespected and obstructed.  Yet, he conducted himself with class and dignity  throughout  both of his terms. He made considered, thoughtful decisions and always put the country first. Even though he knows that they want to undo his legacy, he is maintaining his class.

If they erase his progress and accomplishments, these things will not be erased when the history is written. They can not erase his picture from the history books. They can not erase the fact that he was the President. They can not erase our minds and memories of what he meant to us.  Against all odds, he persevered without complaints or excuses. There are not enough men like him and I am glad to have had him as our President.  We are going to miss him. As a former teacher, I am thankful that he takes his place in history. 

And what about Michelle Obama?  She has her own “liciousness”. Her initiatives to promote healthy eating and exercise are very important and easy to do. She and Jill Biden made helping and supporting our servicemen one of their priorities.  We all should. And her wardrobe. She is always fashionable and appropriate. What a classy lady she is. We will miss her.

This is the end of an era. I will be praying for our country and trying to remember that “He who holds the future also holds my hand”.

May we live long and prosper. May our future be as great as our past.

Claudreen Jackson

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